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Immerse in the infinite.


A blockbuster if ever the Seattle Art Museum saw one, key to communication surrounding Kusama’s exhibition was clear instruction on capacity and ticket releases to this perpetually sold-out exhibition. I developed workflows across admissions and communications for the release of tickets and provided detailed instructions for the public and members on how to get tickets. To share this information, I implemented the use of a ticker tape at the bottom of the website to provide up-to-date information on ticket availability.

As a well-known rebellious personality with a long and highly visible history in the art world, Kusama’s philosophy on art and infinity is well documented but less easily consumed than images of her infinity rooms. After reading a selection of her books and interviews, I proposed using excerpts of the artist’s words to bring complexity and additional understanding to images of Kusama’s work.

When the exhibition ended, I expanded on the use of the artist’s voice in the campaign promotional materials to incorporate a Kusama quote into the ticker tape feature of the site.


Infinity is a difficult concept to grasp, but it is easy to contemplate when you step inside one of artist Yayoi Kusama’s iconic Infinity Mirror Rooms.

Writing about Kusama’s work was a pleasure. Her artwork inspires a sense of wonder and awe that I put into words and infused into art historical and tactical information so visitors would know what to expect from this high-profile exhibition.

The copy direction used of the artist’s words to get audiences thinking about the concepts of the work beyond the viral images.


I wrote and outlined assets for a trailer and social videos for every special exhibition over my six years at SAM. This involved securing rights, tracking crediting, and ensuring proper links back to web hosted images. I also worked closely with the Design Studio Lead to come up with both the visual creative direction and sound design.


Working closely with the design team, I steered the concept and copy for social media video ads. Visual storytelling is always key in the communications for a fine art museum. To convey that Kusama’s artwork holds appeal for a broad spectrum of ages, I partnered with our education department and the Teen Arts Group to create content that introduced a new, site-specific and interactive artwork to the public.

Social media was an important resource in sharing live information on ticket availabilty with the public. To keep visitors aware of what to expect we created content in-app, as well as adapted assets to share fresh visuals with ongoing updates.

To open new dimensions into Kusama’s prolific career, I started a SAM Book Club to read Violet Obsessions, Kusama’s 1998 poetry collection. I wrote the first reflection to kick off the book club blog series and offer the public a broader understanding of the artwork on view. The book club established another point of entry for visitors.

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Illustration by Natali Wiseman


A writer and curator exploring the liminal spaces of the literary arts. I am the author of two chapbooks and have fiction, reviews, and poetry published widely. My interest in how words can be experienced has led to solo work and collaborations to create installations, music performances, broadsides, karaoke, and video poetry. I founded and directed Till, a literary organization that offered an annual writing residency, and am currently co-director of Cadence Video Poetry Festival at Northwest Film Forum.


Approaching communications and creative direction with a storyteller’s craft and a poet’s ear. I have more than a decade of experience increasing engagement with meaningful brand experiences through creative approaches. My unique blend of marketing, programming, and writing skills allows me to understand and connect with a wide spectrum of audiences. I have defined and produced end-to-end experiences for artists, businesses, consumers, and stakeholders while growing followings and margins across industries.