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Part 1: Origin Stories

Forward is an exhibition series where artists transform works they've received from others, exhibit the work briefly, then hand it off to someone new.

To start this iterative art exhibition, I was one of twelve writers invited by project director Shaun Kardinal to contribute to a physical transformation of words, where geometric forms reshaped vibrant landscape postcards, each containing letters, hand-written with intention.

The text I wrote on the back of the postcards provided to me were cut up and collaged into sculptures by Shaun Kardinal before being handed off to artist Kat Larson to reimagine for the 2018 exhibition, and to artist Laura Sullivan Cassidy to transform into a new work from the material for the 2019 exhibition. Unfortunately, the final iteration of the exhibition was permanently delayed due to Covid.


A writer and curator exploring the liminal spaces of the literary arts. I am the author of two chapbooks and have fiction, reviews, and poetry published widely. My interest in how words can be experienced has led to solo work and collaborations to create installations, music performances, broadsides, karaoke, and video poetry. I founded and directed Till, a literary organization that offered an annual writing residency, and am currently co-director of Cadence Video Poetry Festival at Northwest Film Forum.


Approaching communications and creative direction with a storyteller’s craft and a poet’s ear. I have more than a decade of experience increasing engagement with meaningful brand experiences through creative approaches. My unique blend of marketing, programming, and writing skills allows me to understand and connect with a wide spectrum of audiences. I have defined and produced end-to-end experiences for artists, businesses, consumers, and stakeholders while growing followings and margins across industries.