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For Nike Design, by Nike Design, our mission is to nurture and inspire Nike designers. 

Blue Ribbon Studio (BRS) is a physical maker space and education resource dedicated to advancing the creative potential of Nike Design. The studio is a creative hub where you can sew, dye, print, cobble, draw, paint, build, and collaborate.

As Program and Content Manager at Blue Ribbon Studio for NIKE Inc., I functioned as a liaison between creative programming and corporate communications. Working with Design leadership, the trends team, the studio specialists, and the Department of Nike Archives (DNA), I contributed to shaping concepts for the evolution of product creative. My role did not previously exist, allowing me to implement systems that continue to sustain the product creative concept studio.

This involved a wide range of my skill set, from operational improvements, project management, and event production to visual identity refresh, talent management, and digital content production. In the first few months, I defined a style guide for global communications and researched and implemented workflows and training for Airtable, a project management tool adopted by the entire team. This facilitated collaboration on creative strategy and allowed me to effectively share the story of BRS.

NIKE TIME—A Creative Symposium

Artists, neurologists, neuroscientists, foragers, screenwriters, visual thinking strategists, natural dye experts, designers, engineers, a beatboxer—thought leaders from around the world offered talks and hands-on workshops during three days of creative enrichment for Nike Design.

As a key player spanning programming and communications, my contract was extended to launch the microsite for the event. From the design direction, wireframe, content briefs, copywriting, user interface, and calendar management, to leadership communications, signage, print ephemera, and facilitating workshops in support of the visiting talent—I had my hands in every part of this large-scale, audacious initiative, the first of its kind at Nike.

SPEAKEASY—It’s not the 9-5, it’s the 5-9

Speakeasy is an open space for creative expression held in mystery locations both on and off campus. In developing this new forum for connection, I implemented the timeline and method for designers to sign up to share their talents with their coworkers. While BRS worked to bring inspirational artists and trend setters to the Nike campus, it was important to recognize the vast talents of the Design team, and to give them a chance to inspire each other.

In addition to managing the communications surrounding these events I also worked with studio specialists and external contractors to fabricate designs that could turn any event space into a BRS Speakeasy. 

ASIM KAHN—Old world process, new world mind

Thirteen events in ten days: Five dye workshops, five embroidery drop-in sessions, an artist talk, an artist open house, and an offsite event. Asim Kahn and his partner traveled from London and Pakistan to present years of research into the natural dye process and share about their newly launched line.

When your audience is at work, it is important to get events on their calendars early. To keep Nike designers in-the-know on the many opportunities for engagement with Kahn, I developed timelines, defined visual identity and copy, tracked registration, and developed and deployed all digital communications. This was an all-hands-on-deck event that required sourcing, cutting, soaking, stretching, and tracking materials. Between setting the backdrop for Kahn’s artist talk and checking in on the embroidery activations, I was also preparing material for upcoming workshops.


A writer and curator exploring the liminal spaces of the literary arts. I am the author of two chapbooks and have fiction, reviews, and poetry published widely. My interest in how words can be experienced has led to solo work and collaborations to create installations, music performances, broadsides, karaoke, and video poetry. I founded and directed Till, a literary organization that offered an annual writing residency, and am currently co-director of Cadence Video Poetry Festival at Northwest Film Forum.


Approaching communications and creative direction with a storyteller’s craft and a poet’s ear. I have more than a decade of experience increasing engagement with meaningful brand experiences through creative approaches. My unique blend of marketing, programming, and writing skills allows me to understand and connect with a wide spectrum of audiences. I have defined and produced end-to-end experiences for artists, businesses, consumers, and stakeholders while growing followings and margins across industries.