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One on top of the other, two women move to the building in two separate months. When the one woman moves in upstairs, a month after the other woman moves in downstairs, the audio of arrangement fills the downstairs unit. It sounds like splinters. Also, change.

A collection of linked flash fictions that draws on my experiences as an eternal apartment dweller and one-time property manager. This collection is woven together by the lives in a Seattle apartment building and the work required in order to maintain them.

"In Adventures in Property Management, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke slices open a prototypical apartment complex like a dollhouse or an architectural model, granting us voyeurs access to the lives crowded within. With keen energetic prose, she moves from unit to unit, unpacking the confusion and loneliness of living in spaces dense with other humans—as well as the hope we must sometimes share, for connection and communion with those whose unimaginable lives surround our own."
- Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

Book trailer by Rachael Lang
Video presented as a stand alone piece:
ByDesign Festival, Seattle, 2023 

Bizarrya Short Film Festival, 2023


A writer and curator exploring the liminal spaces of the literary arts. I am the author of two chapbooks and have fiction, reviews, and poetry published widely. My interest in how words can be experienced has led to solo work and collaborations to create installations, music performances, broadsides, karaoke, and video poetry. I founded and directed Till, a literary organization that offered an annual writing residency, and am currently co-director of Cadence Video Poetry Festival at Northwest Film Forum.


Approaching communications and creative direction with a storyteller’s craft and a poet’s ear. I have more than a decade of experience increasing engagement with meaningful brand experiences through creative approaches. My unique blend of marketing, programming, and writing skills allows me to understand and connect with a wide spectrum of audiences. I have defined and produced end-to-end experiences for artists, businesses, consumers, and stakeholders while growing followings and margins across industries.